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What boring name. Let’s come up with a better one, shall we? We created this hub so we can share with you articles and videos and podcasts we’ve found from people around the world, things we think could help as you work through your butterflies program.

If you find something you like, feel free to share it with us, at kat@onemillionbutterflies.org.



Facing Fear With A Compassionate Heart

There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the world at the moment, more than many of us have seen in our lifetimes. Author Elizabeth Gilbert shares her personal practice ...
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50 Ways To Show Gratitude

We found these wonderful tips on how to show gratitude from https://tinybuddha.com/These tips are fantastic and should really help you with your week of Appreciation and Connection in your One ...
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10 Things To Do If You’re Feeling Lonely

Have you ever been in a crowded room and still felt lonely? The truth is, you can feel lonely anywhere, anytime – no matter how many people are physically around ...
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International Hotline Lists

We're big fans of Reddit and recently David came across this post with a pretty comprehensive list of worldwide hotlines that we could use to help people that are reaching ...
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Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Headspace.org.au published a fantastic blog in 2019 that provided tips on how to keep a Gratitude Journal. It's a well known fact that showing gratitude can improve your mental health. ...
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A Little Gift From Netflix

That's right, we strongly recommend watching Netflix, well more specifically, we strongly recommend watching this particular show. It's called the Kindness Diaries, it's just so beautifully endearing and heartwarming. Host ...
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Kindness Factory

"Kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change”- Bob Kerry. We would love to introduce you to a wonderful organisation that has started in ...
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For anyone who struggles with “Letting Go”

We stumbled across an article written by Jaimee Ratliff and felt it might be a great help for those working on their week four of the One Million Butterflies program. ...
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Tools to Calm Anxiety

It's Kat here, Hello! If you're doing our One Million Butterflies program, we may have already met over Facebook, I've been slowly getting around to messaging each of you to ...
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Random Acts of Kindness

I found these 50 beautiful ways to provide an act of kindness to your community. The suggestions were made on randomactsofkindess.org for Random Acts of Kindness Day on the 7th of ...
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As authors of the One Million Butterflies program, we do not give medical advice or prescribe the use of any techniques in the program as a form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the program is only to offer information of a general nature to help you and your emotional well-being.

Please do not hesitate to seek professional help from a mental health practitioner, psychologist or psychiatrist if you are struggling mentally, emotionally or physically. There are many wonderful organisations around the world that can guide you to find the help you may need, and we have provided some links and contacts here for you

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