Our Mission


Our mission is to gather and unite one million people to lead this transformation.
We want to help people change the world.

We want equity.

We want every human to know self-love.

We want everyone to feel loved. Seen. Understood. Included.

We want to help people be more embracing of diversity, less fearful.

We want people to be kinder. But how? Perhaps through a greater understanding of our shared human experiences.

We want everyone to feel they belong. We’re not alone, none of us. We’re not unworthy. We are not broken. Somewhere, there is a community for everyone.

We want the world to be an abundant, self-sustaining organism, a thriving, replenishing ecosystem.

We want to help those who have plenty share some of what they have with those who have little, so no one need suffer from hunger or homelessness.

We want to help people feel more connected with themselves, with each other, with their communities, with the planet, and with the possibility of hope and happiness and peace.

And relief. We want to help people breathe easy.

To inhale hope, and exhale love.

Together, in time.

One million butterflies.

An empire of good.

As authors of the One Million Butterflies program, we do not give medical advice or prescribe the use of any techniques in the program as a form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the program is only to offer information of a general nature to help you and your emotional well-being.

Please do not hesitate to seek professional help from a mental health practitioner, psychologist or psychiatrist if you are struggling mentally, emotionally or physically. There are many wonderful organisations around the world that can guide you to find the help you may need, and we have provided some links and contacts here for you

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