Hello. How are you feeling?

It’s a big question, now, huh?

We’ve asked a lot of people around the world that question.

Bit lost. Overwhelmed. Disconnected. Anxious, not knowing what’s going to happen. Just alone and isolated.

Yet also, with a sense that somehow, through all of this, there must be a simpler, more connected way to live?

Us too. ALL of us.

One Million Butterflies is a 12-week guided life-changing program, literally, that has become a global movement.

It was created to help people working through life changing experiences to heal, reconnect, and move forwards with a renewed sense of purpose and hope.

Sometimes such life changes are intentional. They’re driven by us, a need in us, and that’s great. Sometimes life changes are forced upon us, like they have been now, on a global scale, and that’s much harder.

Right now there is a real need, through all the loss, all the fear and uncertainty, that we’re facing, so many of us, to be empowered, not only to endure, but to rise through this, together.

That’s what One Million Butterflies is for.

How does it work?

It’s an online guided program. 12 weeks, each week is built around a theme, with a simple but powerful challenge for you to work through for that week.

  • A Week to Grieve

  • A Week of Appreciation

  • A Week of Letting Go

  • A Week of Courage

  • A Week of Love

  • A Week of Connection

  • A Week of Kindness

  • A Week of Nature

  • A Week to Dream

  • A Week to Build

  • A Week of New Beginnings

  • A Week of Joy

Everything’s online, we guide you through the program, step by step, via email, and on Facebook and Instagram, we give you the resources, you do the challenges, and as a community, we come together to support and encourage one other, and hold ourselves accountable.

If you or someone you know could use a little help and support right now, and you want to come and be part of something that brings us all together through this time, something really special, we welcome you with arms wide and hearts open.

We have much to learn from those who perhaps better understand how to walk softly on this earth.

Good Empire home base is on the lands of the Kaurna people of Australia. Their connection with the land, their innate culture of sustainability is something we open our minds and hearts to embrace and practise.

May we all together heal this beautiful planet, and find harmony as one global human community.

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